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About Olivesa

Olivesa is a company based in Cordoba, it was founded in 2012 by two businessmen whose main objective is to promote via worldwide export and online commerce the best olive oil
produced in Spain.

Manuel Gallego, with a vast experience in e-commerce and new technologies face a personal challenge
to put our oils at a place where they belong, that is , way above the actual position they currently poses. We thought that our initiative could be a good display to show the world
this “liquid gold” as an essential value within our frail economy.

The idea arose after knowing the ranking of the best olive oils in the world:

  • 9 out of 10 of the best olive oils in the world are from Spain, that is 90%
  • out of 10 of the best olive oils in the world are from Cordoba, that is 30%
  • Raking of 1, 4 and 6 belong to oils from Subbetica in Cordoba.

With this background, we decided to contact the best oil mills in Spain and bring to light the prize-winning olive oils at an international level this country has to offer. Thru centuries,

Andalusia farmers have cultivated some of the best extra virgin oils in the world. Olivesa, thru our website, wish to offer these craftsmen a home where they can showcase the best olive oils
this land can offer.

As is well known, Olive Oil is considered as one of the basic elements within the Mediterranean diet, thanks to all the benefits that we all know olive oil has we want to take that healthy passion to all corners of the world and help our clients become aware of the multiple benefits and uses extra virgin olive oil has to offer.

Olivesa want to achieve that the “liquid gold” obtains from our mills be bottled and labeled under the category it deserves. For us the secret is not exporting in bulk, on the contrary, the
added value of our olive oils resides in our brands and categories they poses, something that is above Italian, Greek, Portuguese , Tunisian oils.